What's in a name?

Why take time to design software? What difference does design really make? How do you get customers to help when they don't know what they want? Where can I get help to build usable software?

Such elementary questions that can be easily answered on the surface and so difficult to implement in the real life of a startup or big corporation. All we know is that if things were so easy in life, then everyone would be doing them correctly every time. Some projects lack to account for design time, while others are overly designed to the point they are inflexible.

The whole purpose of Attentive 2 Design is to help software developers in any size company, build customizable and flexible software that customers want to use. We have all used software that we were forced to use, because it was the only alternative or the cheapest product. Why should software developers give in to building second rate products? Often it is due to time to market constraints that must be met. On the other hand the best product is one that is usable by customers, and thus the tradeoff.

Usability is the key to design. There is absolutely no reason to build and design software if no one can actually use it. That is where Attentive 2 Design comes to your aid, as many years of design experience building successful products in many different kinds of industries can help you to.